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Home Furniture Industry Report - Overview of Home Furniture Industry

Home furniture industry is part of the overall furniture industry, which mainly covers bedroom furniture, living room furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, dining room furniture, study room furniture. This includes sofas, mattresses, beds, bedside cupboards, dressing tables, wardrobes, clothes closets, dining chairs and tables, chairs and benches, tea tables, TV cabinets, sideboards, bookcases and bookshelves, and cupboards.
Current certifications on home furniture primarily focus on product quality, greenness and safety. Obtaining certifications from related countries provides a safeguard for export trade. The followings are typical certifications in this area:
Logo Certification Institution Remarks
ISO9001:2000 International Standard Organization It governs the manufacturing of rubber and plastic products, wood and wood products, as well as primary metal and metallic products.
ANSI American National Standard Institute Home and office furniture equipment, doors and windows, wood products, tools and appliances, electronic products, etc.
CQC China Quality Certification Center 78 kinds of products including furniture products, food packaging containers, toys, daily hardware, home appliances and the like.
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials Plastics, rubber, steel and iron products, building materials, paints, coatings and aromatic compounds.
GS German Safety
Home appliance, home
machinery, sport products,
home electronic equipment,
industrial machinery, furniture.
FSC Forest Stewardship
Building materials, furniture,
floor, paper, fabric panel, and
other wood fabric related
3.Related Regulations on Furniture Production and Export Trade
  • From July 1, 2007, the tax rebate rate on furniture exports in China has been lowered from 11% to 9%, and some wood furniture adjusted at 5%.
  • On January 1, 2005, the Chinese government canceled the 7% duty on furniture imports, which means zero tariffs on furniture imports since then.