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Company Introduction

Originated from combination of English words "steel" and "arts", Steel-arts dedicates to provide modern, concise, fashionable and surprising household arts products to the world's fashionable persons. Since establishment, we have always focused on the world's fashion to hold the most fashionable pop elements. The household arts products sparkle on the stage through the innovated inspiration of designer and perfect handcraft manufacture. What we design are not only products, but understanding and annotation to arts; What we sell are not only products, but extension and promotion of arts; What we operate are not only products, but persistence and pursuit of arts. Steel, glass, wood and leather embrace the their new lives and meanings in understanding and annotation to arts by Steel-arts: Steel is granted swiftness or stoutness, just as sunny boy next-door by the talented designers; Glass is granted lucidity or simplicity as the pure girl next-door; Natural wood is granted experienced glamour with fascination and charm, just as the mature and enchanting frail; And corium produces the low-key luxury with connotation! The wonderful and excelling design and color matching create perfect and harmonious arts. The talented designers combine the elegant temperament with the fashionable image through bold application of techniques, which shows ultimate pursuit of arts for Steel-arts. Steel-arts, coming from the apperception of arts!

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